Easy 10-Min Rasmalai | Diwali Sweets | Diwali Recipes by Nags The Cook, via Flickr

12 Quick Diwali Sweets Under 20 Mins - Easy Diwali Sweet Recipes for the busy and last-minute cooks. Get your list of easy diwali sweets recipes here.

'Dry-Fruit Barfi' - A delicious sweet made of thickened milk and dry fruits flavoured with nutmeg and mace. By Tarla Dalal

Dry Fruit Barfi

'Dry-Fruit Barfi' - By Tarla Dalal Desiccated coconut – ½ kg Ghee – 3 tbsp Condensed milk – ½ tin Semolina – 1 cup Ground sugar – 1 cup Cardamom powder – 1 tsp Food color – as required Chopped almond and pistachio – for garnishing

Badam ka Sheera recipe | Sheera Recipe | by Tarla Dalal | Tarladalal.com | #4730

Badam ka Sheera

Puréed almonds are cooked with sugar and ghee and flavoured with cardamom and saffron to make a delicious and quick dessert.

Bombay Ice Halwa

My beautiful friend Poonam brought me this delicious treat called Bombay Ice Halwa. It's a mildly sweet/spicy (nuts w cardamom, saffron with a touch of rose water) cracker.

aam papad - mango leather

My Mother In Law's Speciality Some times pictures are so descriptive, we can easily understand the recipe by ju.

6 minute Microwave Caramels ~ literally mix ingredients and stir... HOLY Moly - these are good!  Add a sprinkle of sea salt and you have a fancy salted caramel Mmmmm

Microwave Caramels

6 minute Microwave Caramels - cup butter cup white sugar cup brown sugar cup light Karo syrup cup sweetened condensed milk literally mix ingredients and stir. Perfect for wrapping. Add a sprinkle of sea salt and you have a fancy salted caramel.