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Indian Desginer wear sarees, sari, lehangas, Salwars, half saree, blou

Indian Desginer wear sarees, sari, lehangas, Salwars, half saree, blouse, Jump Suits, Anarkalis, Designer wear Indian Desginer wear sarees, sari, lehangas, Salwars, half saree, blouse, Jump Suits, Ana

Popular Indian Breakfast Recipes

25 Popular Indian Breakfast Recipes - Quick Asian Recipes

Breakfast is not just the first meal of the day; it is by far the most important meal of the day that gives an instant energy boost to the body as well as the


Kachori (Rajasthani Savory Snack)

Kachori is an Indian snack similar to samosa (its more famous cousin) but yet different. It is a flaky pastry filled with different spices and lentils. Just like other famous snacks, there are lots…

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Trendige haarfarbe möchten wir sie in diesem jahr beginnen wir mit

Trendige haarfarbe möchten wir sie in diesem jahr beginnen wir mit subtiler und ruhiger...

Sabudana Khichdi
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Sabudana Khichdi

Rava Idli
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Rava idli recipe (How to make rava idli recipe, Instant Idli recipe)

4 reviews
50 minutes

Instant rava idli recipe - This is the quick version because no soaking, grinding, fermenting required. It is still delicious, spongy and soft.

Green Peas Kachori and Alu Sabzi

Matar Kachori(Green Peas Kachori) and Alu Sabzi - Delhi style

I have mentioned in many of my posts that fried foods appear very rarely at home and when I make it we relish them to the fullest extent...

Bread Besan Toast
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Bread Besan Toast, Bread Besan Toast Recipe, Spicy Bread Besan Toast

2 reviews
25 minutes

Bread Besan toast. This recipe is simple where Bread is dipped in chickpea batter and toasted on a griddle.

Onion Uttapam
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Onion Uttapam | Easy South Indian Breakfast Recipe

Onion uttapam is nothing but a variation of dosa, which is slightly thick like a pancake and topped with lovely spread of onion.

Missi Roti
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Missi Roti Recipe - How to make Missi Roti | Indian Cuisine

Missi Roti

Medhu Vada
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Ulundu Vadai / Medhu Vada - PRIYA KITCHENETTE

10 reviews
2.5 hours

Ulundu vada or Medhu vada is a delicious South Indian snack. Check out the step-wise recipe to make these Urad dal vadas.

Bengali Chirer Pulao (Flattened Rice Pulao)
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Amader Barir Chirer Pulao, Flattened Rice Pulao from a Bengali Home

Apparently some Professor of some University somewhere around the world put up a note in class about how he knows when students are “texting” in class, “because no one looks at their crotch and smiles”, it said. Now that may have triggered some chuckles in campus, but that’s the reality. And it’s not the teens and tweens who are having endless conversations on their smartphone devices. Its us adults too. In between meals, meetings, coffee breaks, at the dinner table and while out on a date…

Kuttu Ki Khichdi (Buckwheat Khichdi)

buck wheat kichdi recipe | easy navratri fasting recipe - Prema's Culinary

Kuttu Ki Khichdi (Buckwheat Khichdi)

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Idiyappam - Kerala-Style Instant Idiyappam or Sevai Recipe - Edible Garden


Chole Bhature
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Chole Bhature | Punjabi Bhature

Chole Bhature

Kerala Style Puttu
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Puttu Recipe Kerala Style-How to make Puttu-Kerala Rice Puttu - Padhuskitchen

Puttu is a traditional and most popular breakfast dish of Kerala prepared with rice flour and coconut. Puttu is usually served with kadala curry or it is served with pazham (small yellow banana)and sugar. Puttu, Cherupayaru curry, pappadam is another great combination. Puttu is very delicious either way. Puttu is generally cooked in a puttu...Read More