Manjhi - The Mountain man | A Person who carved mountain in 22 year to make his way

Manjhi - The Mountain man | A Person who carved mountain in 22 year to make his way

Flying car soon to be a reality in coming years

The current flying car prototype AeroMobil incorporates significant improvements and upgrades. It is now being tested in real flight conditions since Oct.

Insanely cool homemade Hoverboard, enters in Guinness World Record

Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru attempted to set a new Guinness world records title for “Farthest flight by hoverboard". He made this hoverboard at his home

MH370 Search Operation discovers shipwreck

An image of a previously uncharted shipwreck found whilst searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

Acquisitions by facebook | Facts

Bloqueio ao WhatsApp: Fachin pede audiência pública sobre o assunto no STF

GoSun Grill: A Solar cooker that cooks even at night

Patrick Sherwin is raising funds for GoSun Grill: A Breakthrough Solar Oven that Cooks at Night on Kickstarter! Easier, faster and more delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, using only the Sun. day or night

Virtual Reality | Future is Virtual

Virtual Superhuman Powers Translate into Real Life Helpfulness (Koren.

Best iPhone accessory | Enhance your mobile Experience

ZAGG Pocket Wireless Keyboard // Let your overworked thumbs take a breather by attaching this portable Bluetooth keyboard to your phone or phablet. To stow, fold it up origami-style into a compact rectangle.

NASA MESSENGER spacecraft crash landed on Mercury's Surface

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft will smash into Mercury today, April to end its mission and you can celebrate the probe's epic voyage in a live Slooh webcast. Here's how to watch at 3 p.