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Pressed for time but we can’t afford to lose out on life, can we? And the part of the beauty of living is taking time out from the routine to enjoy some fun, adventurous or expeditious place. And when such places are not far from where you stay, like these one day getaways from Mumbai-you really have no reason not to give in to the wanderlust.

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Mumbai is arguably the street food paradise of India, and the ubiquitous Vada Pav is definitely not the only street food Mumbai is famous for. Here’s a list of famous food joints in Mumbai with their specialties for people with discerning palates –

The city of Mumbai serves up a variety of cuisines. The vegetarian affair of the city is something that is relished by everyone. There are scores of vegetarian restaurants in the city that leave an impression on the most ardent non-veg food lover! We present to you a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai that every vegetarian must visit.

The early humans expressed these collective dreams in the form of fairy tales and mythology- creating lands where the rules of normality are quite different from the everyday. Theme based restaurants can be an off-shoot of the expressiveness of our perennial longing for alternate worlds. The reason why humans are such adamant dreamers is still a mystery. But the results of this instinct can be interesting-as is evident from these theme restaurants in Mumbai.

Humans are dreamers. There’s no way that you can have a bunch of homo sapiens living in the same environment for a while and not have them dreaming-about other sorts of places that provide them with experiences quite different from what the current habitat provides.