A pink Indian interior at Samode Palace in North India

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Indian interior

Inspiration : Mediterranean/Moroccan style decor Stacked floor cushions, mosaic mirror, straw boxes and flowers

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Casa Tota is an 150 year old Portuguese house in Goa, India restored and run by Graham and Green via An Indian Summer

Adore the mirror... basically the whole look. Definately a feature in moi dream bedroom!

Turquoise Room Decorations – Aqua Exoticness Ideas and Inspirations 2018 is here. This turquoise wall color can make you feel all brand new. Happy new year.

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Ganesha, one of the revered Hindu Gods in Bali, is known as remover of obstacles, the deva of intelligence and wisdom, and an advocate of arts and.

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Indian Style design elements include exotic colors of India, beautiful silk textiles and carved and inlaid furniture. This global Style has influenced North American design in the Boho Chic look that people who love ornamentation, color and pattern.