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DAVID HOCKNEY Nude (Theresa Russell), 1984 colour photographic collage 179 x 122 cm (70 1/2 x 48 in) Signed, titled and dated 'Nude 17th Ju...


Hockney, David / David Graves Pembroke Studios London Tuesday 27th April 1982 1982 / Composite Polaroid 51 3/4 x 26 1/4 in (131.4 x 66.7 cm)


David Hockney: collage, utilizing design elements grid + texture | design principles: rhythm, balance + unity


David Hockney, Telephone Pole, 1982. ////////// This photo uses elements such as color, value, and space. Principles include rhythm, movement, emphasis, and balance. This photographic collage is made up of pictures the artist took of an outside scene. There's a lot of different elements to look at in the piece. Some are easy to see, and some aren't so easy to figure out what exactly the object is. I'm not a big fan of this artwork because although it looks cool, it's kind of confusing. To…