Fabulous!  That's all it takes to describe this white modern kitchen with one MASSIVE kitchen island.  It's beautiful.

84 Custom Luxury Kitchen Island Ideas & Designs (Pictures)

#Neolith, the main material in a luxurious apartment in Miami Beach. Neolith…

Als badkamer hangmeubel, neolith marmer! the main material in a luxurious apartment in Miami Beach. Neolith Polished in kitchen island and

Kitchen island floating effect with LED strip lighting under all units in front of plinth. #kitchenisland #kitchen #lwkkitchens

Floating kitchen island effect, Kitchen Finish: Cashmere high gloss lacquer Island Doors: Grey acacia laminate, worktop: Lactea Compac quartz

Unique Fish Tanks in kitchen | kitchen_aquarium_island

25 Rooms With Stunning Aquariums

Nautical Theme For Modern Kitchen Layout With Aquarium Kitchen Island.Nautical theme comes in a variety of looks. An aquarium built into a kitchen island is a inventive and uncommon way to deliver an exciting nautical theme into present day kitchen style.

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107 idées de îlot central de cuisine fonctionnel et convivial

spacious U-shaped kitchen island

55 Functional and Inspired Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs

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99 idées de cuisine moderne où le bois est à la mode

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