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As per the New research on Depression, the researchers have founded a link between depression with poor parenting ability, which could prove a key help for exploring the ways of preventing the trait from being passed to the progeny. The researchers of the University of Exeter have published an articles on it where they identified those symptoms of depression, which are expected to create difficulty in parenting.

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There are some good hope for the patients of Alzheimer's as researchers have made a new breakthrough which may not only help diagnose Alzheimer's, but also assess its severity. Needless to say, patients with Alzheimer's disease currently undergo neuropsychological testing to detect signs of the disease. The test results are difficult to interpret and are insufficient for making a definitive diagnosis.

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Latest findings show that now exercise may improve cognitive function in those at risk for Alzheimer's by improving the efficiency of brain activity associated with memory. Alzheimer, which has become a major panic in US among the older, certainly it will provide a relief for such persons.

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As the weather is conducive for mosquitoes-borne diseases, Intersectoral Coordination Committee meeting was organised at North DMC headquarters Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Civic Centre, on the prevention and control of the diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya.

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The 'Fight Dengue For Payal' campaign launches against this background. It is important, it is timely and it is urgently needed. Between September and November 2013, the program partners plan to implement the initiative in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

And here is another bad news for those who are addicted to smoking, as the latest report has revealed out that smokers die ten years early than non-smokers. The facts have been came in light after a new study has revealed the fact. According to sources, the first ever long-term Australian study suggested that even light smokers, who consume ten or fewer cigarettes a day, are at double the risk of dying.

On the occasion of 64th State level TB Seal Sale Campaign the Lt. Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung has urged the citizens of New Delhi to contribute their mite for prevention and control of tuberculosis as well as welfare of TB patients by making generous contributions to the Delhi Tuberculosis Association. The Lt. Governor made this appeal at the launch of 64th State level TB Seal Sale Campaign of the Association at Raj Niwas.

The avoiding the exercise and physical engagements are also the important factors for the most of Indians and these habits are responsible for making them prone to Arthritis. The surprising revelation has been come into light which is also shocking as it says that people as young as in their 30 also have becoming victims of arthritis.

Public Heath Department of SDMC has started intensive checking of breeding of aedes mosquitoes and prosecuted Educational Institutions and Government offices in its four Zones. Commissioner Manish Gupta directed the officials of Public Health Department to monitor all the colonies where breeding of mosquito is high on daily basis.

Researchers have said that they may now know about the mechanism that our brain uses to make sense of novel situations. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder showed that brains could process these new situations by relying on a method similar to the "pointer" system used by computers.