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Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey has reportedly offered his list of Dos and Don'ts for those who are in the way of building successful companies. At the Y Combinator's Startup School event in Cupertino, California, Dorsey revealed his list of commandments of success, that range from suggestions about living extremely ascetic lifestyle to some common sense advices.

Google, the popular search engine gaint has disclosed that far-flung gender inequality is still a global problem. To affirm this view, it points to a new ad campaign from UN women, which highlights how bigoted and outdated views about women still are, even in the domain of cyberspace. The ad campaign shows real suggested search terms that arrive from Google's auto-complete feature, which denounces sex equality, reports.

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Social networking giant Facebook has finally integrated a much needed feature 'edit posts' to its page which will now allow users to edit their post even after posting them. Though, Facebook allowed editing comments earlier but the option of editing the posts once posted was still lacking, which caused a lot of trouble to the users. Earlier, the only option left with the users was to delete the post and re-post again.

Google has reportedly retooled its search engine with an update called as 'Hummingbird', in a bid to provide better search answers to its users. The update, considered as the most dramatic alteration to Google's search engine, was rolled out in the past month without the company disclosing the modifications. A senior vice president for Google, Amit Singhal said that Hummingbird is the major overhaul to the search engine since it revised the way it indexes websites 3 years ago as part.....

In a bid to provide ambit of facilities to its users, social media giant, Facebook, is planning to incorporate profile photographs of more than one billion users into a facial recognition database in an effort to improve its 'Tag Suggest' feature.

The 10 most annoying types of social media updates have been revealed in a new survey. The top 10 includes updates that most social media users will have published at some point. According to the Telegraph, the list of top 10 most annoying types of social media updates is as follows: 1. Diet and exercise boasters: Those who tell you how far they've cycled, how fast they ran and how many pounds they've shed. 2. People who tell you about every meal are boring enough. 3. Cryptic status…