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Coffee. Pen & Ink. Made up of all words associated with a cup of coffee. Word Art Inspiration. Use with any still life object and setting for something different. Good value exercise.

Coffee. Pen & Ink. Made up of all words associated with a cup of coffee. Word Art Inspiration. Use with any still life object and setting for something different. Good value exercise.

Drawing Lesson on Stippling. Cool idea! Do still life drawing in pencil first, then stippling w/Sharpie.


My drawing 1 kids finished a stippling drawing today. We first worked on turning 2-D shapes into 3-D forms by adding dots. The closer the dots are together, the darker the value, the farther apart,…

wonderful pillow drawings by Albrecht Durer - 1493 - such a whimsical drawing subject for his time!

Elephant No. 199: Hatching and Cross-Hatching

Today I felt like drawing, so I thought I'd try cross-hatching. The last—and I think only—time I tried this was for a sad-looking mountain landscape in a first-year studio class, so I had no idea how well a cross-hatched elephant would work. Hatching is a drawing technique used to create shading by drawing (or even engraving or painting) parallel lines. When the lines are placed at right angles to one another, it becomes cross-hatching. The idea is that the number, thickness and spacing of…

Move on from mark-making to tone. This combines the two!


The first assignment! Graphite shading, Sharpie hatching, pattern, and themed patterns (the theme being Vampires) If you're going from left to right, # 4 & 5 in that last row need to be switched.

Studying the light through the trees during the workshop Working in a Series ©2011 Lena Ohlen

Art is more than Technique and Design

Studying the light through the trees in Working in a Series ©2011 Lena Ohlen Ink on Canvas Technique and Design As I’m developing the content for my new online workshop Abstraction I am continually asking myself what I want my […]

"A painting, you know, it's all dirty material. But it's about transformation. Taking that earth, that heavy earthen kind of thing, turning it into air and light."                                                     -Brice Marden

(KG) Creating in the style of Brice Marden

Students learned about the work of Brice Marden by looking at and discussing the meaning of gestural abstraction in his art. Brice Marden traveled in Thailand in the 1980s, where he became interested in Far Eastern calligraphy and the art of the brush stroke. Brice Marden Students used four different color pencils to create the overlapping lines in their work. Students learned how to use overlapping in their artwork to show that something is in front or behind another object. Brice Marden at…

Positive & Negative Space Lesson: Working within a 6-x-6-inch square, create compositions using a single leterform. Examine the forms and counterforms of the letter. Isolate just enough of each letter to hint at its identity. Strike a balance between positive and negative space. Create six or more compositions.

RaccaWear Ink.

Lesson 2: Rhythm and Balance So basically, design is in a realm of expression all its own. It's neither black or white, night or day, science or art. In design, (haha, no pun intended), designers...

ARTISUN: Value Scales - Student Work

Value Scales - Student Work

These value scales were done by my 2nd year 2-D kids as a warm-up exercise at the beginning of the school year. Yeah, I know I'm very late in posting them. See if you can find the scale in this first piece by junior Belinda Wu. This is her first year with me and she is coming to me with exceptional skills. She has cleverly hidden the scale in her table tops. Her attention to detail and her shading abilities are remarkable. This next piece by senior Halah Elsahhar is lovely. Her craftsmanship…

Paint chip sketch 1

Ode to the humble paint chip

Dear Auntie Moonbeam, Ahh the paint chip. Deceptively simple and often overlooked. I’m obsessed with paint chips. I love the little buggers. I should mention I’m a designer and my place…

Brice MardenBrice Marden received an MFA from the Yale School of Art and Architecture in 1963. It was at Yale, under instruction from artists including Alex Katz and Jon Schueler and working alongside students Richard Serra and Chuck Close, that Marden arrived at the rectangular format and muted, extremely individualized palette that characterize his early monochromatic panels.

Brice Marden - Selected Works

Artist page for Brice Marden. Includes Biography, Selected Works, Books, Posters and associated Exhibitions.

Giorgio Morandi, Still life with Vases on a Table, 1931

Giorgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry

It was snowing heavily as we made our way from Highbury Corner to the Estorick Collection Gallery. London looked different, with colours drained to monochrome whites, blacks and greys. We were ab…

Frank Auerbach   Head of Julia #pavelife #art #inspiring  Justin

Frank Auerbach - 44 artworks - painting

Frank Auerbach was born in 1931, a remarkable figure of German-British Expressionism and Excessivism. Find more works of this artist at Wikiart.org – best visual art database.