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This isn't related but we're doing My Shot from Hamilton in my orchestra and I get a solo in it and omg

“Do not tell us to lower our voices, to calm ourselves. Do not tell us how to respond to triggering situations or statements. Do not discredit our histories of trauma by calling us hysterical. Do not tell us to "wait until later" to speak, and then shame us when we do. And by that same coin, do not shame those who cannot speak, those who are harassed, silenced, ignored. OUR STORIES MATTER. And we will tell them in our own tongues, and on our own terms."

Our Stories Matter, and everything we feel is valid! NO MORE-minimizing the pain another person feels :-(

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This is not okay!!! First of all, that would look awful on your report cards and college applications. Secondly, that would make me absolutely freak out. And yeah, people's parents/guardians might beat them/ground them/etc

This is seriously not okay! Not exactly equality but it's more serious than most things I pin on my "So True" board

The last comment tho…

The last comment tho…

Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme: Wear the Dress

Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme: Wear the Dress. Although I disagree, woman can also be against men wearing dresses. It's the patriarchy but women can spread it too.