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The World's Largest Tech Companies: Apple Beats Samsung, Microsoft, Google

We all know Apple AAPL -0.94% is the most valuable company in the world. But for the first time, the company has not only the largest market cap, but also the largest sales, profits, and assets among the world’s biggest technology companies.

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2030: How 4 smart cities are gearing up for the future

While the future (as a whole) is very much unwritten, the future of what our urban centers will look like is less uncertain. We can assume, to a degree, that they'll become more crowded and, as a result, more prone to delays as time goes on; 75% of the world's population, in fact, is expected to reside in cities by 2050, putting more stress on already overburdened urban infrastructure and public transportation systems.

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Leica Biosystems to Acquire Devicor Medical Products, Inc. – Daily News

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Twitter officially lets you retweet with comments now

Twitter revamped its retweet feature on Monday, making it easier for users to plug other people's tweets and add commentary of their own.

The most incredible rooftop swimming pools in the world (and you can find two in London)

THERE'S nothing quite like the feeling of being on top of the world, with a city beneath you. Here's a guide to the best hotel rooftop pools from Barcelona to India. Dive in.

See extraordinary first pictures of newly-formed island discovered in the Pacific Ocean

The new island began forming off the coast of Tonga last month and experts believe it will disappear back into the ocean within months. These are the first pictures of a newly-formed volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. The new island began forming off the coast of Tonga last month, with experts believing a volcano exploded underwater before expanding into the island.

CellWorld Shanghai 2014 concluded October 29 at the Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong. This year’s event increased the number of delegates and participating companies to around 90 delegates from 29 companies including 3 Finesse business partners. Compared with last year, there were 10 additional companies participating in the event.

The jungle-choked remains of a "lost city", abandoned by a mysterious civilisation several centuries ago and long fabled for reports of its gold and "monkey children", have been uncovered in the depths of the rainforests of Honduras.

Bureau Veritas Enters the Mandatory Technical Supervision Market for Power Generation and Distribution Construction Projects in China