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Govardhanlalji performing Aarti of Shrinathji During Gangaur Festival


Krishna (in the form of Shrinathji, as a boy, in the gesture of holding up the Govardhan Hills - although the hills are not shown) and the Dancing Gopis. 19 C. Pichhavai from the Temple of Nathdvara, dedicated to Shrinathji, Rajasthan, Staatlische Museen, Berlin


Lalit Tribhangi Lala. Shri Gokulchandramaji, fluting boy Krsna black icon, the Moon of Gokul and stands in a tribhangi posture, bent in three places, His legs crossed at the ankles. He is poised to play the flute. which draws the Gopis into ecstatic dance with him - Rasa Lila.

Shrinathji Pichwai the festival of Gopashtami. Contemporary, Nathdwara

picchavai | sotheby's n09481lot8rkxven

A Pichavai of Krishna as Shrinathji at Sarat Purnima India, Rajasthan, 19th Century Depicting Krishna in the center figuratively holding up Mount Govardhana with one hand and a lotus bloom in the other wearing lotus garlands, flanked by gopis and with cowherds, grazing cows and a lotus pond with swimming fish beneath and a full moon above flanked by celestial chariots, bordered by framed vignettes of Shrinathji in various garb

krishna as shrinathji ... wallpaper

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara, Mewar, ca. 1880. Gouache heightened with gold on cloth. Worshipers gather around the shrine of Krishna flanked by village elders, standing attendants, men in white wearing brightly colored hats and women in saris.