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Evil Knives...... if someone wanted me to love them for ever they would get me this lol

Another Saturday night and I ain& got nobody.but I do got a sick 16 solid cast metal Alien Spiked Tri-Blade Hand Claw coated in an antique brass and gun-metal finish, which I will shadow box with in front of the mirror, wear while watching the Do

Whip Sword.... NOooo... It is a Navija, or more accurately a modern interpretation of the early 1400s "Gypsy Ratchet Sword" they were worn as a necklace when not in use then a button wratchet in the handle pulled the chain tight so they could be used as a solid sword. Same mechanisms found in retractable penns today only larger and stronger spring.

Chain Whip - A chain whip is a weapon used in some Chinese martial arts styles to disarm their opponent by wrapping the chain around them or their weapon. They are legal to own in the U. and can be purchased online. What's wrong with you?

Nim's Blade by Aikurisu

Nim's It seems to glow with a deathly cold. Forged in the river Styx, it has gained the properties to absorb a mobsters essence after crystallizing them in a blanket of ice