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Maddie~This is another example of Bridget Riley's work. Bridget Riley is an English painter. She is one of the most know person in op art. She was born in London in 1931, She was a teacher for a short time, and worked in a glass shop.

Juxtapoz Magazine - The Work of Bridget Riley

When English painter Bridget Riley, one of the foremost exponents of Op Art and geometric abstraction, first began to paint the black and white works...

bridget Riley | X7050 Bridget Riley Arrest 3 , 1965 Acrylic on linen, 175 x 192 cm ...

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Fission | Bridget Riley | 1963

Fission | Bridget Riley | 1963

After the abstract expressionism of the 50s, several American and English artists were concerned by the relation it is formed between the art work and the spectator. And they found their answer in …

Bridget Riley ‘Hesitate’, 1964 © Bridget Riley 2015. All rights reserved, courtesy Karsten Schubert, London

‘Hesitate’, Bridget Riley, 1964 | Tate

Artwork page for ‘Hesitate’, Bridget Riley, 1964 Riley’s paintings of the 1960s were the best-known works of what became called op art. This referred to the optical effects that dominate the viewer’s experience of the painting. Sometimes such works have an almost physical effect, destabilising the viewer. In this case, however, the gradual changes in the shape of the grey forms seem to suggest two abutting cylinders receding into the picture frame. The fame of such works not only epitomised…

Bridget Riley cataract 1967

Bridget Riley cataract 1967

Bridget Riley Black to White Disks 1961-2 Emulsion on Canvas 178 x 178 cm

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Bridget Riley. Spiral. 1969

Magic Transistor

Bridget Riley. Spiral. 1969.

murmurs: “ “Current”-Bridget Riley, 1964 ”


murmurs: “ “Current”-Bridget Riley, 1964 ”