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No uniformity to our tree - just decorated by all the family with laughter and love #CKCrackingChristmas

Christmas in our family is all about sharing love, time and kindness to each other, and to others - the true meaning of Christmas. Love can warm even the iciest of hearts! #CKCrackingChristmas

Wondering if we are on the good list, or the naughty list....a family snap with the 'real' Santa. Believing in the magic of Christmas :) #CKCrackingChristmas

Receiving a letter from Santa is worth more than money can buy...when you are 6 years old! #CKCrackingChristmas

Writing the most important letter you'll ever write as a young child. Worth every little effort to try and make those dreams come true :) #CKCrackingChristmas

Twas the night before Christmas...and not a sound was heard! #CKCrackingChristmas