Rooftops - Mstislav Dobuzhinsky - etching - 1901

Mstislav Dobuzhinsky ~ Rooftops, 1901 (etching) The composition and use of varied of types of contouring lines are very appealing to me

Etchings of Floating Cities by Sergey Tyukanov

art-of-day: “ Sergey Tyukanov - Art of Day Featured Artist Fantasy Etchings (View Sergey’s Art Feature) ” Sergey does some awesome stuff. I heartily recommend perusing his other works.

Collagraph - Deconstructing self by JetJames on deviantART

x Collograph - a collaged plate is made and then inked, polished and printed onto paper with a traditional printing press . Collagraph - Deconstructing self

Walter Valentini - In the circle surrounding the sun, 2001, etching

iamjapanese: “ Walter Valentini(Italian, In the circle surrounding the sun 2001 Unpublished Italian text (a single sheet long) by Luciano Caprile (French translation by Raphaël.


These beautiful drypoint prints (an old - school etching technique) are made by Düsseldorf-based artist Angie Hoffmeister .


“Under Brooklyn Bridge” in This drypoint etching by William C. McNulty—described as a “romantic-realist” in a 1963 obituary in The New York Times—depicts an industrial city under stormy skies. drypoint etchings « Ephemeral New York


Lesser Ury 1861 - 1931 Nationality: German Intaglio: drypoint, Woman in Cafe


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