7 Under Stairs Storage Ideas -Bedrooms, Living Rooms More. This is what we need, a shelved cupboard door.

7 Under Stairs Storage Ideas -Bedrooms, Living Rooms & More

7 stunning under stairs storage ideas: home decor, shelving ideas, stairs, storage ideas, why not use your under the stair storage for storage and a hidden panic room

Using the space under your stairs. This is even better than my previous idea of a bathroom. somedays I just really want a house.

Why waste a perfectly good space by closing it off with a wall.

Pretty sure any extra space I find in my future house will be converted into a reading nook if I'm able. I need a house with stairs so I can make a Harry potter reading nook

Mud room shoe storage--interesting. I wonder where they got the cabinets? Our area is right off garage, so this might be very practical.

Funny pictures about Stair shoe storage. Oh, and cool pics about Stair shoe storage. Also, Stair shoe storage.

Handy eaves storage

Handy eaves storage in attic or under stairs in hall. Maybe line with cedar for mini-cedar closets for sweaters, etc.

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