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"I wanna remember that lovely feeling When we were young and our hopes were high A heart was something you could believe in Love was more than just a word Before we ever heard goodbye" - Deana Carter (love that quote)


I can't wait to be with you.. The fire raging in me for you is burning hot tonight....I love feeLing your body wrapped around me & holding me so tight that I become part of you! ♥♥


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Edits from Jack-Romero, My wonderful Wife The Butterfly kisses, Jack Romero-reloaded and a little beauty and nature ;) *****Disclaimer and credits***** If you see I reblogged a photo of yours from color and turned it to B&W I hope that you take it as a...


Inspiring image beach, bikini, boy, boyfriend, bun, couple, cuddle, cute, forever, girl, girlfriend, holiday, kiss, love, ocean, relationship, sunset, tan, vacation by marky - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Medium length hair could be sort of embarrassing, since it is not long enough to be braided or short enough to have a cool look. But it could also be funny and interesting to make a fantastic hair style for medium hair. Accessories accentua

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Alright 2 romances. Just because I liked this one. I liked that his head is resting on her. Not a "ugh.I'm trying to play video games and you're in the way" like I'm used to :/ oh the next boy is going to have to be a beast in the romance department lol

Painting my life black and white; balance and purity. Leaving it B&W would be boring, My triumphs are the accent of my life. Failures are not defects, it only shows that we are human; we have experienced and we have learned Life.

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