NYC - Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - Alberto Giacometti by cerdsp, via Flickr

NYC - Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - Alberto Giacometti (fire in the belly)

Mike Parr - do timed frontal portrait gestures in various media, reference Giacometti.....line

luxology: “ Language and Chaos Mike Parr Mike Parr’s self portrait is one that attempts to map the interactions of mind and body, the conscious and the unconscious. It is not a solipsistic search for the self but rather an attempt to.

Alberto Giacometti. "Femme debout" (Standing woman), drawing in crayon on paper dated c.1947-1950.

Alberto Giacometti "Femme debout" (Standing woman) drawing in crayon on paper dated

Giacometti have always loved Giacometti's drawings. He is known as s sculptor but his portraits are amazing.

Modeling With Line

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Eyes Limited Edition by Alberto Giacometti Created between 1960-1962 Giacometti uses pencil on paper to create loose, vivid and free marks. A well as depth through the use of continuous line, he often focuses on simply on what the model brings to the portrait rather than on emotion and expression. He has influenced many designers such as Henry Moore and his surrealism during the 1930s.

Eyes Limited Edition by Alberto Giacometti (Mark making)

Alberto Giacometti  1949+Seated+Man+oil+on+canvas+80+x+54+cm+©+ADAGP,+Paris+and+DACS,+London+2002.jpg (778×1160)

Alberto Giacometti -Seated Man, Oil on canvas, 80 x 54 cm.

Alberto Giacometti, Head of Diego, 1961

Head of Diego 1961 Alberto Giacometti Art paintings, sculptures, plastic arts, visual arts, art

[Alberto Giacometti] Silvio

Alberto Giacometti 1950 ca

Alberto Giacometti  tete noire

History of Art: Alberto Giacometti, Tete noire 1960

Alberto Giacometti, “Portrait de Diego,”1958. Black crayon on paper. 9 1/2 × 7 7/8 inches (24 × 20 cm). Private Collection.

Alberto Giacometti: "Portrait de Diego", black crayon on paper.