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some bugs are sitting on top of napkins
three white flowers with green leaves on a black background
���� #36 - ������� ������� (������� �� ���������, ������� ��� �������� - pskov-sveta
a bunch of flowers that are on a wall
an arrangement of flowers is displayed on a white surface with blue and green leaves in the center
���� #40 - 2017-2019 - zhdanova1977
Ribbon embroidery_Lily of the valley_ Ландыш вышитый лентами
some pink roses and green leaves on a white surface with blue feathers, grass and other flowers
*RIBBON ART ~ НАША СТРАНА МАСТЕРОВ: Великолепная красота вышивки лентами!
a painting of purple and yellow flowers on a white background with a butterfly flying over it
a painting of a rooster and flowers in a vase
a painting of a rooster surrounded by flowers and other things to decorate it's wall