He who tries to understand God simply by logical arguments will not succeed. If one develops love for God by following his instructions, one can know the supreme absolute truth.

the Vishnu avatar, Krishna is a beloved deity of all Hindus. The stories of His childhood- full of human attitudes, His prowess and antics, keep everyone enthralled & mesmerised!

"One day a fruit vendor approached Lord Krishna's house, and the little toddler Krishna gathered some food grains with His little palms and went to the vendor to exchange the grains for fruit. On the way, almost all the grains fell from His palms, only one or two grains remaining, but the fruit vendor, out of full affection, accepted these grains in exchange for as much fruit as Krishna could take. As soon as she did this, her basket became filled with gold and jewels." - Srimad-Bhagavatam…

Krishna Blesses the Fruit Vendor

"One day a fruit vendor approached Lord Krishna's house, and the little toddler…

Animal Lover Krishna (Reprint on Paper - Unframed))

Animal Lover Krishna

A vegetarian diet helps to open the inner man to the outer person and brings forth higher consciousness. Eating meat, fish and fowl opens the doors to lower consciousness.

Devaki hugging the baby Krishna, fearing Kansa who had vowed to kill her eight child, while being watched benevolently by Maha Vishnu.

Devaki, fearing Kamsa who had vowed to kill her eighth child, Krishna (who was immaculately conceived btw)

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There is no truth superior to me. Everything rests upon me, as pearls are strung on a thread. -Krishna

Lord Krishna’s beauty is described in numerous prayers, poems, and portions of the Vedic literature. So we could provide many verses that de.

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