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an antique brass vase with two handles on the bottom and one handle in the middle
Chromatic Bass Horn in B-flat | German? | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a golden metal object that is shaped like a snake
Viewing Putt-Putt Goes to Rehab's profile | Profiles v2
an elaborately decorated musical instrument with peacocks on it's back and sides
Taūs (mayuri) | Indian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a wooden vase with a hair brush in it
Gourd Crafting Supplies - Musical Instrument supplies - Drumskins, Kalimba Kits
a metal instrument with a bird on it's neck
(#283) A silver betel quid in the form of a sitar, Oudh, 19th century
a man sitting on top of a grass covered field holding an instrument in his hand
Learn to Play Sitar - Basic Lessons for Beginners - Sitar Basics - Step by Step Tutorial
Ravi Shankar, Norah Jones
Sitar - Wikipedia