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two greeting cards in a white box with an orange and green design on the front
Shreedhar Cards
Shreedhar Kankotri Invites from Anand Gujarat, India is an excellent studio with a fine art wedding invitation.
a pencil and paper with the words beautiful words written on it
Shreedhar Cards
Wedding wording
two folded cards with brown ribbons on them
#gold wedding invitation
two blue cards with gold embosishments on the front and back, sitting side by side
#wedding invitation #bright blue #indian wedding
two wedding cards with hot air balloons on them
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two red envelopes with gold embellishments on the front and back side
-: Shreedhar Cards >> Card Showcase :-
a suitcase filled with lots of pillows on top of a wooden floor next to a pillow
Victoria Magazine
Lavender filled "postcard" sachets. One side has room to write a message.