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I disagree. People often see others as they wish them to be....and not as they truly are. It is often unwise to underestimate those things and people you have no first hand knowledge of. ; ) Arrogance has led to many a downfall.

If she really had cared she would have came to me face to face by now! She wouldn't have betrayed me, lied to me or to be allowing others to judge me! She wouldn't be getting into bed with others if she really ever cared! This I know to be true!!!

quote by Anne Lamott | On the other hand: Author Sophia Dembling says: "They are my stories, good, bad, or indifferent. I can draw the conclusions I need to draw, interpret them however is helpful to me, do with them what I want, tell them or not."

I guess this explains why I'm so scared... Why I'm so insecure... I know you love me... But... I'm scared you'll see me for what I am... Useless... Dumb... Ugly... Manipulative... I'm so sorry for everything I've done... And I hope you can forgive me...

I didn't want to leave what we had, I really liked him. He made me happy for a while, he stood up for me. But every moment were together I knew I was going to get hurt but who cares. Cherish every moment you have with them because will NEVER last forever.

I've said this for YEARS and STILL there are people who want to get butt hurt when I do...above all else you will receive my honest opinion and I won't say I'm sorry if you don't like it, it just makes me sad that you'd rather hear a lie... So me....

I just typed a really long description that really meant something to me and it was deleted. Nice. All I am trying to say is that this is something I have not been able to put into words for years, and now I suddenly can.

True. In class one day my friend was sitting next to me and was constantly talking about politics and how the government sucks. I had enough and screamed, I hadn't even waited until the teacher was done talking. I didn't talk to him for the next month...

Ain't that the truth. @ROXY Neely always says I can meet someone and see right through them within 5 mins.

what some call cold and calculating Virgos call eliminating the negative. That's right. I don't need your crap and you don't need mine ,so just move on.