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Astrology & Weak Mars
Do you quickly react to things and then regret later?🔴 Mars is the planet of passion, energy, fury, war, assertion, and separation in Vedic astrology, and is known as Mangal. Mars is thought to be a terrible planet in Vedic astrology. Mars is a red and fiery planet also called Kuja which means born out of the earth. It is aggressive and has control on bone marrow, haemoglobin, spinal cord and is Karaka for siblings and cousins.
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Tarot Readings for October!
Check out your Tarot reading for October and take what resonates. Sometimes it may be something small that you may need to hear in the message and sometimes, you may need the whole thing. Remember, tarot is timeless so it may be your past, present or future self that needs to connect with the message. Follow NinjaXmen for such daily updates!