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Singapore Innovation League

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It is an angel investment company and the brainchild of Niraj Goel, which was launched in the year 2014. The company is going to invest in 500 startups that can show their potential and come up with a convincing business case.

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A Great Platform Where Startups Can Grow – SIL

Singapore Innovation League (SIL) is providing entrepreneurs with a platform to expand their business horizons. It is set by Niraj Goel and others to help people with innovative ideas and thoughts ... | Niraj Goel


Singapore Innovation League is a group of entrepreneurs who provide angel funding to technological startups.


Niraj Goel, International Trade and Development

Singapore — A Singapore-based NRI businessman has claimed that his company is developing a set of wearable devices that would use artificial intelligence in chip-embedded clothes to reduce the usage of handheld tools.