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Humans working together and cooperating.

Humans working together and cooperating.<<<<<<this happened once at my junior college. this girl who used to bully me couldn't hide her phone and i showed her how and then she stopped bullying me.

I prefer it this way thank you

🐰 the sweet bunny vs the murderous girl 🔪 - : Touka or Rize? : i love Touka but i choose Rize ❤ - Charakter(s): Touka

Why does everything in this manga has to be so painful

Kaneki is a member of the 'Did nothing wrong' squad Poor bby - Character : Kaneki Ken Anime : Tokyo Ghoul - [

*SPOILER*: It is also revealed in Tokyo Ghoul RE: that Yomo is Touka and Ayato's uncle, the brother of their mother. They do not know of this, though.

*revealed in Volume Oh myyy i wish i could see THIS Yomo he's always so serious and emotionless( it's kinda hot) but i want to see his funny and talkative side - Character : Yomo Anime : Tokyo Ghoul - [