6 Great Ways to Teach Your Kids to Code

There are dozens of sites that can help your budding geeks learn programming fundamentals, many of them free. From the basics of code for tots to full-blown computer programming courses for adults, a coding education could be closer than you think.

◙ 10 Short Security Tips ◙

WordPress security tips. Learn about 5 default security threats in WordPress and how you can address them today to make your website more secure.

Galaxy S5 Battery Tips: 8 Ways to Keep Your Phone Going

Samsung Korea Galaxy LTE Factory Unlocked International Version Cell Phone - Retail Packaging - Black The Galaxy offers the most

☺☺ Two Guys Out Hiking ☺☺

What a crazy name for such a valuable internet tool! However, it is time to stop laughing at the name and realize the pure power.

iPad Mini with Retina Display vs. Galaxy Tab S 8.4

iPad Mini with Retina Display vs. Galaxy Tab S

!!! Tricks to increase uTorrent Download Speed !!!

!!! Tricks to increase uTorrent Download Speed !!!

◙ ◙ How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s WiFi ◙◙

Coco is wearing the WarKitteh collar, which picks up WiFi locations when it roams the neighbourhood. Some of the mapped locations use poor encryption and can be cracked. The previous cat just sat on its porch and did nothing to locate WiFi spots.

Use Your Back Camera for Selfies with Smart Selfie

Though everyone uses their smartphone to take pictures nowadays, people rarely take advantage of everything that their device’s camera has to offer, making some very common mistakes that can be easily amended.

Google Street View Car Crashes After Taking Wrong Turn

To share Street View imagery, our engineering team is hard at work behind the scenes. Here’s a glimpse into what the team is doing to bring Street View to you.