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Devi (The Goddess), 1960: Ray often turned his camera on the dilemmas of women and their position in society. Here, a hallucinatory design illustrates a pivotal scene in his 19th-century period study of religious superstition, when an elderly man dreams his daughter-in-law is the embodiment of the Hindu goddess Kali. Here, the division of the young girl’s face represents her split identity.

FTII logo-S.M. Shah, NID Established in 1960,designed this logo. FTII is the premier institute of film and television institute. The logo for the institute presents the simple letterform in Devanagri. The angular stroke to the turn and the vertical stem of the letter connotes the impression of a rolled film strip. The angular stroke is repeated on the top right end of the Shiro-Rekha to provide visual balance to the composed letterform.

But never before have we been to India. We are there now, in its westernmost state Gujarat, where Satya Rajpurohit runs the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) in Ahmedabad.

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