Luxurious Textures

There's something special about the touch of a fine textile
70 Pins
the skin of a snake is white and black
A Feminine Tomboy
fish scales
close up view of woven material on the back of a chair cushion or seat cover
Visual Symbols of Identity
several white vases are arranged in a pattern on a table top, with one being made from clay
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'Scallop' decorative acoustic wall tiles by textile designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn. 100% felt. The surfaces add softness & texture to the room but also dramatically reduce noise levels. via Fast Company
some white rocks are stacked together on top of each other in this close up photo
white beach rocks
many different colored flowers are arranged together
54506-01 Hemerocallis
Hemerocallis by Fred #Photography #Flowers #Horticultural_Art
close up view of bamboo woven material
black and white photograph of cracked paint
some very pretty white plants with snow on it's tops and stems in the foreground - nyföddfotograf och barnfotograf Stockholm - Järfälla
feather grass
the bark of an old tree is red and brown
Ponderosa Bark Abstract
Ponderosa Bark
different types of pasta and noodles on display together in a pile, with one being sliced open
The Weekly Click List
Nothing more beautiful than handmade pasta!