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Mary Berry’s Christmas chocolate log

Mary Berry’s Christmas Chocolate Log. Perfect alternative dessert to Christmas…

All your favourite festive recipes minus the gluten - from mince pies to smoked salmon terrine.

Gluten-free Christmas

This fabulous gluten-free cake has a festive spiced cream and dulce de leche filling - drizzle with white chocolate for an extra-special end to a Christmas dinner party

Mulled Wine Kit

38 Best DIY Food Gifts

Mulled Wine Kit: Set your loved ones up for winter weather with a mulled wine-making kit.

Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël -- Paul Hollywood's sumptuous chocolate, raspberry and cream sponge falls somewhere between a Yule log and Swiss roll. Add a drop of Drambuie for a cheeky adult twist.

Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

A gorgeous fluffy Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll smothered in clouds of cream, can it get any better? Because its super easy to make!

A gluten-free, paleo friendly Christmas yule log filled with chestnut puree and coconut cream. Inspired by the French Bouche-de-Noel

Chocolate Yule Log

A refined sugar-free & gluten-free 'Bouche de Noel'? Did I hear that right? In my family growing up we had a number of essential desserts at Christmas time. My older sister, having a slight .