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In praise of dirty, sexy cities: the urban world according to Walter Benjamin

Rue de l’Amandier in Marseille, 1920.

<a href="">Urban Age</a> is a worldwide investigation into the future of cities, organised by <a href="">LSE Cities</a> and Deutsche Bank’s <a href="">Alfred Herrhausen Society</a>. Its <a href="">10-ye...

The densest cities can be the most efficient, lively and sustainable &ndash; but only if they boast effective management and design to minimise overcrowding and pollution.

The curse of urban sprawl: how cities grow, and why this has to change

A total of 1152 new homes a year are now being built in Edinburgh ' nowhere near enough to meet projected demand. Picture: RM Atkinson

Kuala Lumpur: a city in traffic gridlock, striving for sustainability