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These portraits make it hard for the identity of the subject to be seen but i like this as the tape contrasts to the photograph. Also these portraits are clean and minimal.


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Mysterious Alter-Ego Created Through Imaginative Self-Portraits


Mysterious Alter-Ego Created Through Imaginative Self-Portraits

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Daily Inspiration #1443

Daily Inspiration #1443

As soon as I saw this piece it caught my attention because of the visual effect of the fire placed on the woman's head. It reminded me of candle and black tar symbolized the wax dripping down. This harmony of this piece and the colors blend well together.

i told my therapist about you

Just to refresh the mind: Richard Burbridge Alter Egos - Andreas Poupoutsis

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Self Portraits By Rachel Baran. These Will Take Your Breath Away

Rachel Baran is an extraordinarily talented photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with. And she's only 20 years old. Some of her images are dark, introverted and full of suffering, while others encapsulate the young and artistic photographer's youth and joy. What's most important, however, is that all of them are creative and very well-done.

Powerful and Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran