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pray more, worry less. Pray more, worry less. Pray more, worry less. Cool Words, Wise Words, Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, Awesome Quotes, Fabulous Quotes, Genius Quotes, Clever Quotes
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Hump Day Inspiration

One of my goals for 2013 is to put my trust in God more and find peace with Him. I know I worry a little to much about the minor things in life! VIA

Dua asking for the best in success, rewards, life, and death Muslim / Islam / religion / guidance / truth

Dua for success - Dua asking for the best in success, rewards, life, and death |

This blog post includes a dua for success - asking for the best in success, rewards, life, and death.

The parting speech

باسل الزير on Twitter

“أيها الناسُ إن دمائكم وأعراضكم حرام عليكم إلى أن تلقوا ربكم كحرمة يومكم هذا في شهركم هذا في بلدكم هذه. #خطبة_الوداع”

"do not despair of the mercy of Allah" -> This ayah always brings hope/relief to my heart. Islamic Quotes, Islamic Teachings, Islamic Inspirational Quotes, Religious Quotes, Islamic Dua, Islam Religion, Islam Muslim, Islam Quran, Doa Islam
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Al-Ghafoor, Al-Raheem. SubhanAllah.

Way of life: Islam

ALLAH will be help you whenever you need!

Du'a to get good employment - Surah Yousef Duaa Islam, Islam Hadith, Islam Muslim, Allah Islam, Islam Quran, Allah God, Alhamdulillah, Islamic Prayer, Islamic Teachings
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99 Names of Allah by Islamic Posters It has been narrated by Abu Hurairah that Allahs Messenger SAW said: Verily Allah has ninety-nine names, hundred bu. 99 Names of Allah

This will be the conversation between you and Allah if you recite Surah Al Fatiha slowly with a pause after every Ayah especially while offering Salah. Develop that into a habit and Allah will bestow his blessings upon you accordingly!

Dua Printouts for your home Muslim / Islam / religion / guidance / truth

Dua Printouts for your home | GraphicWeave

Here is a freebie for you to download and use! Download the high resolution pdf file here and print on a standard A4 paper of your choice! Stick them in your house, gift them to your friends.

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40 Islamic Quotes about Sadness & How Islam Deals with Sadness Islamic Quotes, Islamic Teachings, Islamic Messages, Muslim Quotes, Quran Verses, Quran Quotes, Quran Sayings, True Sayings, Islam Religion
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6 Steps to Get You Closer to Allah (SWT) – Infographic

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“…for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (Surah Al-Rad, 13:28)

Three things you never forget about, two things to never narrate, two things never to forget (via The Beauty of Islam) Hadith Quotes, Quran Quotes Love, Quran Quotes Inspirational, Muslim Quotes, Imam Ali Quotes, Inspiring Quotes, Islamic Teachings, Islamic Qoutes, Islamic Messages
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Ya Allah please forgive us and have mercy on us. Ameen.

Way of life: Islam

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Mufti Ismail Menk Quotes - Articles about Islam Islamic Quotes, Islamic Inspirational Quotes, Muslim Quotes, Islamic Images, Arabic Quotes, Hindi Quotes, Islamic Phrases, Islamic Teachings, Religious Quotes
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Whenever You Are Alone (Mufti Menk Quote)

Whenever you are alone, remind yourself that the Almighty has sent everybody away so that it's only you and Him.