Ladakh, India

In India, red doors are a bridal colour and sign of celebration.

Lamayur, Ladakh

Lamayur, ladakh, this is the down stream side of the Monastery .was once a huge lake that burst and the edge of the lake was the rim of hill in the upper centre of the picture. its more colourful in real life.

Ladakh, Zanskar, India

Ladakh, Zanskar, India - I trekked to the village of Lingshed and stayed with a local family here.


Le Ladakh, le Petit Tibet de l'Inde

Beautiul Ladakh

Tsomoriri Lake in Ladakh, is a beautiful lake is situated in the Changthang Plateau region, which is the largest plateau in the world. Like most other regions of Tsomoriri too is nestled in serenity surrounded by mesmerizing scenic views of the region.