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Noel Coates

Noel Coates
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Folding Table Base By Richard Ayers Want a mobile table base that provides a huge work area, holds a ton and folds up to only 7 in. thick? You can get everything you need to make the one shown here at the local home center for about $65. Build it to any size. Just make sure the folding support arms (E) and panels (F) fit inside the end frames, so …

This folding table base plan is AWESOME! In fact, you could build 5 of these and it would only take a few square feet of shop space, or wall space. Two of these table bases would certainly work as well as a set of sawhorses.

Rain X on your GoPro case - WHY? (and does it work?)

The Most Annoying Thing about Using a solved. GoProMom shows you how to apply Rain-X to your GoPro camera housing to avoid water…

How to Use a Dremel / Crafted in Carhartt

"I'll eat you up I love you so" How to Use a Dremel and Create a Handmade Valentine's Day Craft

"InspiringShotsPhotoContest" by ElenaParaskeva

Participate in the Inspiring Shots Photo Contest for a chance to win prizes and give exposure to your photography. Join over 300 photo contests per year and browse a huge selection of photos.