Mount Meru

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The Universe according to Dante. Dante Alighieri is the writer of the Divine Comedy, one of the most important works of literature in the Late Middle Ages. Dante is both the writer and the. Dante Alighieri, Alchemy, Devine Comedy, Constellations, Dantes Inferno, Esoteric Art, Occult Art, Mystique, Sacred Geometry

041 - Michelangelo Cactani, La Materia della Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri

Michelangelo Cactani, La Materia della Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri, 1855 Le locus terrenus Dans la de Dante (1265-1321), l'âme part des enfers, qu'on voit comme un cône enfoncé dans la terre, pour s'élever, en passant par le mont de la purification et les neuf échelons des planètes, par les étoiles fixes et les sphères cristallines mues par les anges, jusqu'au paradis où elle trouve un havre de lumière divine au sein de la blanche rose céleste. (Alchimie & Mystique, Le Musée…

Dante Alighieri E La Divina Commedia. Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Devine Comedy, Jupiter Y Saturno, Terre Plate, Ancient Astronomy, Celestial Map, Historia Universal, Geography

JF Ptak Science Books

A Daily History of Holes, Dots, Lines, Science, History, Math, Physics, Art, the Unintentional Absurd, Architecture, Maps, Data Visualization, Blank and Missing Things, and so on. |1.6 million words, 7500 images, 4.9 million hits| Press & appearances in The Times, Le Figaro, Mensa, The Economist, The Guardian, Discovery News, Slate, Le Monde, Sci American Blogs, Le Point, and many other places... 4,750+ total posts since 2008..

Cosmological Mandala with Mount Meru Buddhist Symbols, Buddhist Art, Tantra Art, Sacred Mountain, Mudras, Sacred Architecture, Asia, Antique Maps, Interstellar

Cosmological Mandala with Mount Meru | China | Yuan dynasty (1271–1368) | The Met

The elaborate tapestry-woven mandala, or cosmic diagram, illustrates Indo-Himalayan imagery introduced to China along with the advent of Esoteric Buddhism. At the center is the mythological Mount Meru, represented by an inverted pyramid topped by a lotus, a Buddhist symbol of purity

須弥山マンダラ図シリーズ(オムコウ) A series of Shumisen mandala (The Holy Word) 前田 常作 MAEDA Josaku / 日本 Japan Mount Meru, Gods Creation, Japanese Prints, Visionary Art, Heaven On Earth, Buddhism, Cosmic, Holi, Celestial

前田 常作「須弥山マンダラ図シリーズ(オムコウ)」

Risultati immagini per monte meru Magic Box, What Is A Mandala, Squaring The Circle, Mudras, Arte Tribal, Jacob's Ladder, Class Notes, World Religions, Sacred Geometry


And the LORD God planted a garden eastward, in Eden; and there He put the man whom He had formed. Genesis 2, 8. Plato in the Republic, It is written as a fictional dialogue between Plato’s te…

須弥山マンダラ Mount Meru, Buddhists, Births, Religion, Comic, Mandalas, Buddha, Birth, Comic Strips

国立民族学博物館友の会 web site「特別展 マンダラ」


須弥山の位置と広さ 須弥山の位置から天界の位置と広さを表に Mount Meru, Heaven On Earth, Mountain, Chinese, Traditional, History, Mandalas, Historia


須弥山の位置と広さ 須弥山の位置から天界の位置と広さを表に

第四回展示・江戸時代の宇宙論 (1992年12月5日-公開日~1993年3月24日) 須弥山の図 「仏国暦象編」 刊本5巻5冊 文化7年序。仏教界では古くから「須弥山」(しゅみせん)説があり、独自の宇宙観を持っていた。この「須弥山」説は世界の中心にそびえる須弥山があり、 太陽も月もそのまわりをめぐるという考え方である。特に「仏国暦象編」5巻をあらわした円通(1754ー1834)は仏教宇宙観擁護のため論陣をはった。 Mount Meru, Japanese Woodcut, Flat Earth, Modern Fonts, Single Image, Heaven On Earth, Buddhism, Vintage World Maps, Religion

貴重資料展示室004 江戸時代の宇宙論 - 国立天文台暦計算室