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The sound muncher! This sound muncher likes to eat (be filled) with items that begin with/ have in them the sound we are learning that week. He belongs in the writing area for children to pick out items their friends have brought in and write about them.


Place several plastic eggs in a basket. Fill each egg with letter tiles for students to open them and unscramble them to make CVC words. Students must make the word, blend and say the word, then write the word on the recording sheet


Cotton reels & lolly sticks & Velcro! Great for making and breaking words. Use with words/pictures to make sentences/stories, laminate blank paper and use as a whiteboard to write in missing words. Make sums with numbers. Use pictures of the children and use as counters for games (or use coloured stars, shapes etc.) Many uses!! Literacy and numeracy, English and math, school, activity ideas

Playdough & Alphabet Stamps

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How Many? Estimating Activity

Estimation Station. A cool idea for not only "how many?", but "more, less", "heaviest, lightest", etc. This will be easy to set up. Write down children's guesses and winner wins a prize.