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three red and white business cards with the words afters on them, against a black background
New Logo and Identity for AFTRS by M35
an orange and white business card sitting on top of each other
New Logo for Arde by IS Creative Studio — BP&O
Arde by IS Creative Studio, Peru
an orange and white business card sitting on top of a table
Langesommer – Visitenkarten
an image of a book cover that has different colors and shapes on it, with the title'study program'written below
Icon by Icon
New Logo and Identity for SMK by Andstudio
two signs with arrows pointing in different directions and the words mymeofa entrance, bus
Smörgåsbord designs first digital typeface for the Welsh language
the back cover of a brochure with many different logos on it and an eiffel tower in the background
Fiverr | Find the best global talent
Looking to give your business an EVERLASTING ONLINE PRESENCE? You are at the right place. if you want to build your brand identity then you are at the right place. I would love to show your company values and vision into a perfect, unique, modern and clean logo.
by Readymag design team
the letters are all different colors and shapes
硬核驱蚊BYE BITE - Brand Identity
an image of what bot's automate your checkout screen
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WhatBot Brand ID by Josh Warren on Dribbble
an advertisement for a company with different colored circles and people working on computers in the background
Corporate Titles
Corporate Titles on Behance
the future looks bright with lumeno's new font and graphic design book
Graphic Artist
a black and white poster with the words designing the future of intensishments
Play — Andy Webb
the red, green, and blue yellow sign is shown in three different font styles
Glauber Sampaio – Savee