25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box-- cos all kids love cardboard boxes! Buy a toy and all they care about is the box- forget toys- I go to Costco n get boxes!

Great ideas (with How To's) to transform a corner of your yard into a playtime paradise for kids with quick-and-easy projects that include a toy car road, a sandbox, and more.

Outdoor play space for kids. PVC pipe for cars and trucks!my garden will have things like this for the kids to play in!

Amazing installation artist Arne Quinze,"The Sequence" Brussels, Belgium

"The Sequence", Brussels, Belgium by installation artist Arne Quinze

dolls house.

A good travel version of the doll house. Now, how to make folding cardboard furniture? DIY: Cardboard dollhouse for children

Measuring with nature

Trees study- From: I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! Sorting sticks from longest to shortest. Good outdoor group activity for preschoolers that can be left for individual students to return to time and again.

reggio based blog

Extraordinary Classroom: Tubes, Wheeles, Spools, and Stones with a Touch of Light

St Leonard's College ELC, Brighton- amazing construction area - Zart Blocks and Tiles

Check out these inspiring environments from the lovely team at St Leonard's College ELC, Brighton.

a box turned into a Castle

StrongStart: dramatic play painting the castle

Loods 5 styling

Square Wooden People - Art by

Cabañas: Construye tu aventura / Hut: build your adventure - Archkids. Arquitectura para niños. Architecture for kids. Architecture for children.#more

Cabañas: Construye tu aventura / Hut: build your adventure

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