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Golden Milk Frappe
Sweet, creamy, and loaded with mega-beneficial herbs and spices, this majorly flavorsome Golden Milk Frappe brings nourishing adventure to every sip! This month, we're featuring turmeric - an immunity boosting spice that is celebrated in the scientific community for its health benefits. It's super easy to get all the nutritional benefits you're looking for when you blend it all together in our nutribullet Pro
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Health Benefits of Oats
a pink poster with different types of doughnuts and other food items on it
Juicing benefits
Immunity,brain health, heart health or skin health? What are you juicing for?
two carrots with the words carrots on them and an info sheet below that says carrots
What are you making with your carrots?
an apple and pear on a green background with text describing the benefits of pears
You can't go wrong with crispy and delicious pears! Try adding them to your next NutriBullet recipe =)
peppermint helps aid digest health and promotes blood pressure, heartburns, and more
Peppermint gives your smoothies that minty flavor you're looking for! add it to your next NutriBullet Smoothie
We know it's pumpkin season and everyone wants something pumpkin so go ahead and add it to your favorite NutriBullet smoothie recipe!
three persimmon oranges with the words persimmon on them and an image of four persimmon fruit
It's persimmon season and we're so excited to add these to our Fall NutriBullet smoothies!
pomegranate is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and k good source of folatete
Do you add pomegranate to your NutriBullet smoothies?
almonds on an orange background with the words almonds top source of antioxidant vitamin e over 3 grams of fiber per pound add extra protein to your smoothie
Are you adding almond to your NutriBullet smoothie?
a sweet potato on a purple background with the words, sweet potato good source of fiber and potassium high in vitamins a and c steamed sweet potato adds
Sweet Potato
Make sure to check out for recipes containing sweet potato.
Not only do apples make your smoothie fresh and delicious they're good for you too! #NutriBullet
ginger provides antioxidant, anti - immatiary, and antimicrolial benefits
For these reasons, ginger is a great addition to your NutriBullet smoothies.
Cranberries make a delicious NutriBullet smoothie ingredient. Try it!