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Felt Button Practice-I sewed buttons on felt squares and made button holes in round felt pieces. Children then buttoned the felt circles and squares together.

Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers- pine cones and elastic bands

Teach Kids to Sew a Line by Hand

Learning to sew is an important home life skill. Teach kids to sew a line by hand using burlap and yarn for a simple beginning lesson in embroidery. Teaching kids to sew is an easy homeschool learning project for preschoolers, elementary aged kids, tweens and teens. It is a fine motor activity that will help prepare the hand for writing and more detailed handwork projects. Sewing with kids is a fun and easy learning activity found in Waldorf and Montessori education.

Color Block Puzzles

Make your own color block puzzles! So fun for preschool and kindergarten color practice and logic play! ...... Also, Go to RMR 4 awesome news!! ... INTERNATIONAL.INFO ... Register for our Product Line Showcase Webinar at: ... Don't miss it!