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Quaglinos shoot

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First make up work experience (with a bit of modelling lol)

The first thing you see when you arrive at Quaglino's is the Doorman in his fine overcoat. This uniform was wonderful to work on using only the finest British fabrics and Tailors

Quaglino's wonderful waiter ready to serve, menu in hand. His Studio 104 uniform is tailoring at its finest.

How about a drink? Quaglino's Bar Manager in his stunning Studio 104 uniform. The finest details were considered, with the Quaglino's branding featuring on the jacket buttons and cufflinks!

Heading down the stairs into Quaglino's the receptionist greets you in her Studio 104 uniform. This fabric reflects the light beautifully and creates a flattering look.

The waitress is ready to serve your drinks! Her Studio 104 uniform subtly reflects the stunning interior.

Moving down the iconic gold stairs and into the restaurant, the Head waitress is here in her Studio 104 uniform to greet you and show you to your table.

The Restaurant manager in his Studio 104 uniform is ready to meet and greet guests and provide a luxurious service to diners!