Felt Jewellery cascading collar necklace inspired by natural form #textiles creative jewelry; neckpiece // Yohji Yamamoto

Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells. It all comes down to patterns... texture, colour and pattern inspiration #design

Meredith Woolnough’s Embroideries Mimic Delicate Forms of Nature http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/10/meredith-woolnoughs-embroideries-mimic-delicate-forms-of-nature/

Great Example of drawing on nature to make your own beautiful thing in completely different materials! tinctory makes smocking magical

Artist- Ros Lymer. Coloured, collaged background with white fabric for the design and black freehand edges.

Mafalda Silva | Restaurante Julia | Tangled Memories | Fibre Art | International | Canadian | Textile Art | World of Threads Festival | Contemporary Fiber Art Craft Textiles | Oakville Ontario Canada ****

"Waterfall"by Amy ? Paper and acrylic on canvas. paper, paint, and glue exploration of texture, pattern and color. Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, is both, irregular and ordered. constructs pieces by layering, cutting, rolling, and combining paper. Sometimes adds metal and wood.

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