Persian Rug Cleaning Delray Beach: Hand-made or Machine-Made Rug… Does It Matter? We realized that long ago when I noticed that more and more machine-made rugs are being used and sent to us for cleaning. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, olefin and others have joined the rug market and they come with designs that look traditional.

About Us : I feel its important to not only connect with my customers and my community when they call or when they come into my place of business but also write and share with them my knowledge, customers stories and every day happenings that occur in this fascinating trade.

Rug Cleaners Delray Picture the sight of being surrounded by a colossal carpet. I’m not referring to floor coverings that you commonly see in hotels but literally – an extremely wide end to end carpet.

Rug Cleaning Delray One of my customers shared her ghastly story. She said that after an hour of being gone from home, she returned apprehended as her eyes were instantly drawn to the blue shaped paw prints all over the floors in her house, thus leading to her full size area wool rug. She was terribly speechless, grieving the anticipated loss of her much-loved rug. She found out that her dog found a blue ink pen and inexorably spread the ink across her paws, chest and rug.

Rug cleaning Delray Getting a professional rug cleaning Delray service is more ideal than cleaning your rugs by yourself. These people who are in the professional rug cleaning services have the skills and the knowledge how to get rid of different kinds of dirt and stains on your rug.

How to Navajo Rugs Cleaning by Hand We clean all kinds of rugs at Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand and have a special way of getting pet odor out of rugs too. Call us today for a free estimate. 855-411-RUGS.

How to Navajo Rugs Cleaning by Hand A rug colleague of ours in Los Angeles shared this story and it put a smile on my face. I don’t thing Dr. K as we call him in our industry would mind if I shared it with us South Florida rug lovers here!

Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray Our professional oriental rug cleaning Delray services have helped plenty of clients in the Delray Beach area. Aside from cleaning and handling antique rugs, we also clean carpets and delicate textiles. Our family owned business also offer other services such as rug restoration and repair, dusting and fringe cleaning.

Rug cleaning Delray Delray Beach is one of the best places for a person in the state of Florida and because of this, walking around the city is ideal. Delray Beach is also commended for its family-friendly atmosphere where you can go to the beach and build sandcastles with your kids.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Delray Oriental rugs have always been associated with luxury and opulence; some of them are also passed from generation to generation.

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