Oriental Rug Cleaning ByHand Naples

We are a multi-generational true oriental and modern rug cleaning company. We offer an array of services from hand washing rugs, offering padding and artisan quality repairs.
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Oriental Rug Cleaning We consider ourselves very unique is this very distinct business of truly hand washing rugs. Anyone that calls our company and talks to me knows I am never one to say anything negative about another company that does what they say they do.

Area Rug Cleaning Our name might fool possible customers just a little bit. When the company began and my father ran the plant what we mostly saw was older oriental and Chinese rugs. It was without a doubt the majority of rugs that we cleaned. Well we most certainly still see these rugs, especially from our customers who have been bringing the same rugs into for years.

Rug Repair There are countless types of repairs that we can master. We have truly seen it all. Our repair department can work on holes that have been chewed by your pet. They can also do color correction to put the brightness back into rugs that may have been stripped of color from a chemical or improper cleaning process such as steam.

Rug Restoration Rug Restoration Naples is probably one of the most challenging aspects of our business. On a daily basis, we are hand-washing rugs, doing repairs and getting odors out. There are the days when rugs need a little bit more attention. There are numerous factors that go into why a rug has lost its luster, so to speak. Same way you can say that there are countless ways ask why the sky is blue.

Rug Padding When you buy something that you love you do whatever you can to preserve it. You wash your car two to three times a week when you first buy it. When you buy a new dress you may wait a few times to wash it because you want it to look brand new each time you wear it. We take care of things we are proud of. Your rug is truly no different.

Dusting Process Like most professional rug cleaners will tell you that know what they are doing, the dusting can be the most important process of rug cleaning. It can sometimes define what the next stage is going to look like.

Washing Process Another fun phase to watch is the washing process. The washing process is the next phase that once the particles are loosened and mostly extracted, we clean the rugs both sides. YES, both sides. This is not done by machine or tub. Our crew lays the rug out flat,

Soft Water Rinse Process What is a soft water rinse you ask? Most don’t think of water being hard or soft but its all about the amount of water pressure you put on a rug. You don’t want to put so much on it that you can actually rip the fibers. I like to think of our soft water rinse process like a spa for your rug.

Fringe Cleaning Process You can have a rug properly cleaned. It can smell fresh and feel so clean and soft you would think that you just bought it and laid it down on your floor. All the proper cleaning techniques could have been applied but none of that would matter if the fringe was not cleaned correctly.

Pet Odor Removal I have said it over and over again. If you are not tired of hearing about how much I know we love our pets, keep reading please! It could be a real damper on the day when you come home to find you dog did not greet you at the door. Instead, a somber faced, tail ducking other species emerges from a dark room knowing they are about to get the yelling of all yellings!

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