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Rug Cleaning By Hand I’m proud of our scrupulous rug process that involves 5 steps. The first one is dusting, then washing , followed by soft water rinsing, then drying and finally, fringe cleaning.

Rug Cleaning By Hand Palm Beach

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Discover the Meticulous Process of Rug Cleaning in Parkland There are even cases when rug owners become frustrated because they accidentally damage their precious rugs. All of these frustrations and stresses can be avoided if you let a professional do the right proper process of rug cleaning in Parkland. A professional rug cleaning company should have years of experience in cleaning, repairing or restoring prized Oriental rugs.

Rug Cleaning Process Parkland, Dusting, Washing, Soft Water Rinse, Drying, Fringe Cleaning

About Us : The company is named as such for a reason: Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand is the one of only rug cleaning service that truly hand washes the oriental rugs. We are the best in the industry because we only use cleaning techniques that effectively and thoroughly wash the oriental rugs while keeping it in great shape. We follow a very detailed process of dusting, washing, soft water rinse, drying and fringe cleaning.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand Email Us: Palm Beach: 561-246-3840 Broward: 954-822-1242 Miami-Dade: 305-459-3891 Office Hours: Mon - Fri 9 am to 6 pm, Sat - 8 am to 1 pm Emergency Service 24/7

Rug Cleaning and Repair Palm Beach

Services : We also do rug restoration and repair. Whatever rug-related service you need, we can provide it. We know that oriental rugs are precious objects to their owners, so we effectively yet safely clean and maintain them. Regardless if your rug is a common piece or a rare antique heirloom, rest assured that we will keep it in great condition.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand How we only hand wash the rugs. I showed her the place and she felt good at that point. She knew she could trust me. I began to ask her about her rug, Where it came from? She began to tell me the story of how her grandfather did a lot of traveling during his life. He had come across this hand woven textile in the region of Kirman, in Persia.

Rug Cleaning and Repair Palm Beach

Rug Restoration and Repair : Our restoration and repair experts can get any kind of job done. If the threads of the oriental rug have come undone, we will reweave it. If there are holes in the oriental rug, we can fix it up. If the binding of the oriental rug has become frayed, we will make it like new again. There is no problem our restoration and repair services could not fix.

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Rug Restoration Hollywood At first, she was doubtful since for her, it is not practical to spend a large amount of money on rug cleaning, considering that she earns a fixed salary. Her daughter kept on convincing her until she agreed to pay for the rug-cleaning service. The woman was very persistent in searching for the best rug cleaning company that would satisfy her needs.

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Rug Cleaners Hollywood My passion for rug cleaning has continued until now. My love for them did not weaken, not a single bit. At present, I enjoy having my own rug cleaning business with exceptional rug cleaners Hollywood along with me.

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