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How the Gig Economy Profits off Desperation

“Children are running the company [Homejoy] and they act like they are still in college. The poor cleaners are being treated like slaves…

The Global Left Will Fail Unless it Understands the Feminisation of the Workforce: Angela Davis

3 2 Really interesting from Migration Observatory on trends in immigration criminal and civil penalty enforcement. It came out a few weeks ago but it has taken me until now to look at it properly (there’s a LOT going on at the moment!). From the key points summary: From 1999 to 2016, British immigration law …

Jamie Woodcock, 'Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres' (Pluto, 2016) - YouTube

La lettera dei migranti: |

New Left Project | Why the Working Class was Never ‘White’

New Left Project | The Politics of Class and the Long Shadow of Racism

The women who led the Grunwick dispute challenged not just the stereotypes of Asian women within British society, but also within an overwhelmingly white, male trade union movement.