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nice stained glass pattern...I don't like this pattern, per se, but I DO like the idea of metallic painted accents in a faux stained glass project. I'm thinking some of that mirror-finish Krylon paint incorporated into a beautiful design to make it look like a mix of colored and mercury glass?

Our Kashmir-inspired design collection Farah Baksh at the Good Earth Raghuvanshi Mills store in Mumbai. See more photos on Facebook

The beautiful work of Naqashi (now popularly known as papier mache) was introduced in Kashmir in the 15th century, by a Kashmiri prince who had encountered the craft while in Samarkand Prison. Mughal Emperors fell in love with the decorative craft & it was used heavily in artwork throughout the 15th & 16th centuries. Naqashi is still practiced by artisans in Kashmir, many of whom are slowly losing their eyesight due to the incredibly fine work they produce... Read more